Variation in Indian Jewellery

Variation in Indian Jewellery

Variation in Indian jewelry is the gift of vibrant cultural diversity of India. India is land of beautiful diversity in its regional and cultural aspects. Diversity of India beautifully reflects in its food, language, rituals, costume and jewelry. North, South, East and West regions exhibit their varied and rich cultural in the form of costume and jewelry.

Indian Jewelry is enticing enchanting in its all variations due to its intricacy and designing. Exclusive craftsmanship reflects in its various style of making jewelry. History of Indian jewelry is as rich as the civilization is itself. Golden Bird ruled has the history ruling the world market of jewelry for approximate 5000 years. India used to the sole supplier of diamonds, gems and precious stones in the past history. Elegance and majesty in the designs of Indian jewelry can turn anyone speechless.

Variation in Indian Jewellery

 Maang Tikka, Jhumar Tikka or Passa, Nath, Rani Haar, Chokar set and Mangalsutra  are the  pieces of jewelry with that every Indian bride adorns herself. No Indian marriage ceremony is complete without these pieces of jewelry. But in all the regions and religion of India, style and design of jewelry depict the richness of their culture. Borla is worn in Rajasthan, Matha patti and Tikka with side panels are worn by south Indian brides, Jhumar or Passa is worn by Muslim brides.

Traditional designs of Indian jewelry are prized heavily in original and in imitation too. Along with the traditional styles of Indian jewelry, modern fashion jewelry in pearls, diamonds, threads, beads, stones and crystals is getting popular in the international market for daily and office wear.  

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