Value of Independence Day in Our Daily Life - Happy Independence Day 2018

Value of Independence Day in Our Daily Life - Happy Independence Day 2018

Independence Day is not just like another holiday in the calendar. 15 August is the date when 200 years old British Rule came to an end and India become the free nation. We are born in the free nation and have taken the freedom as granted. Value of freedom can be best judged only when we were deprived of it. Blessed with fortune of born in the free nation, we have not suffered the agony and pain of slavery under the British Rule. Pathway to the free nation is built upon the series of struggle and sacrifices of freedom fighters. They all had the common dream of free nation. They sacrificed the riches & comforts and chose the path of suffering.

After independence, India is definitely progressing to be the developed nation. Path of this progress is also not easy. Selfless effort of youth is required to build the strong and progressive nation. Right from casting the vote with responsibility; Protecting the nation’s property; Preserving the national heritage; incorporating honesty in operations; Exercising respect and patience to all religions, we all need to be responsible citizens. How can we forget that, we are the descendants of freedom fighter who fought selflessly for the sake of Motherland. We all are definitely cannot be bad but have only become irresponsible towards the fulfillment of our fundamental duties in the service of our nation. Aberrant youth only needs the direction and guidance to be responsible again.

India is our country and we all are responsible of every good and bad aspect. We all enjoy our constitutional rights without paying much attention towards the fulfillment of our duties. Let us take a pledge, on this Independence Day to be the responsible citizen of India and abide by our all the constitutional duties.

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