Most Astonishing Indian Bridal Jewelry - Rani Haar

Most Astonishing Indian Bridal Jewelry - Rani Haar

Wedding ceremony is the grand celebration in the Indian society. All the ceremonies of wedding house are performed with big bang. Family and friends of bride and groom plan up the shopping for different ceremonies of wedding along with the shopping of bride and groom’s shopping. Costumes are designed and matching accessories are arranged for every single occasion. Indian Bridal jewelry is the major attraction. Indian bride gets ready like a princess and adorned with jewelry from head to toe. Indian brides are the most attractive brides of the world due to the panache and regality in their looks.

Rani Haar is the most astonishing Indian bridal jewelry, which can turn an average girl into royal princess. Choker Set is the neck adoring jewelry which worn by the queens of all the eras. Long necklace is the kind of jewelry that suits on all the kinds of ethnic dresses and occasions. Long necklaces give the regal touch to the wearer with its incredible traditional designing.

Choker Necklace and Gold Choker Necklace are superbly exotic in it’s all the styles and makes due its regal touch and intricate designing.

Mentioning below the most common styles and designs of Rani Haar, that got popular with the current fashion trends.

  • Design with single string with heavy pendant resting on the bust;
  • Design with multi layer strings with the small pendants at the end of each string;
  • Design with the danglers on the single string;
  • Design with single string with different colored stones and gems;
  • Design with intermingled layers on different colors with the hanging of pearls;
  • Design with Multiple strings of pearls;


Vijay and Sons provide the wide range of enticing and alluring bridal jewelry in all the styles and patterns at very reasonable prices.

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