Jewelry Speaks with Colors

Jewelry Speaks with Colors

Colors affect us physiologically. We live with colors and colors play with our moods & feelings and make us feel cheerful, depressed, exited and playful.  Colors have their own language. Colors give expressions and impressions to jewelry. A good jewelry designer plays very cleverly and intelligently with colors while making the jewelry. Colors are the best tools for making the design of jewelry stunning and exotic. No color is good and bad. It is an art of creating a composition of colors which create impacts. It is how the good jewelry designer plays with the color to create the different compositions by picking the colors from the wheel with different color schemes.

Let us see what different colors speak

Blue color – Blue color has cool and calm impacts. It speaks out peace and calmness.

Green color- Green color is the holistic color which has healing impacts. It represents nature and boosts our health.

Red Color- Red color is warm in nature and also a color of celebration. It conveys intense and passionate emotions.

Pink color- Pink Color is a color of romance. It expresses the love and affection.

Yellow color- Yellow is color of fun and playfulness. It expresses the liveliness.

Orange Color- Orange represents creativity, cheer and enjoy.

White color- White is the color of purity and peace. It is the best highlighting color.

Purple color- Purple is color of youngsters. It represents fantasy. 


Vijay and Sons admire the emotional and physiological powers of colors and offer the wide and exotic range of colorful jewelry to celebrate the different occasions and ceremonies of life. We believe in celebrating the occasions and ceremonies with glam and glee. Different colors of beads, crystals, stones and gems create magic when composed beautifully to design the master piece of jewelry.

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