Jewellery Styling Tips for Newly Weds

Jewellery Styling Tips for Newly Weds

Weddings are the grand and magnificent in India. Wedding ceremonies are the beautiful blend of splendor of majesty and rituals of culture. Indian Brides are the beautiful manifestation of beauty with glamour. Indian Bride is the princess of her father and is a queen of her husband. Wedding jewelry plays the important role for adding the regal touch to the appearance of bride. Wedding jewelry is the most luxurious and lavished accessory of a bride. Newlywed is the most asked for and noticeable newcomer in the groom’s family. In India, wedding is followed with meet and greet to wish and bless the newlywed couple after marriage.

A beautiful choker necklace online available which can cover all your neck and add an adorable beautiful look to your newly bridal look. Newlywed girl is always the main attraction of all the parties and functions so make a girl more conscious of her dressing and looks. Newly married look of “Bahu” with dazzling jewelry is the pride of groom’s family.

Vijay and Sons are sharing the styling tips for newlywed to glimmer

Heavy Jewelry only for functions – Do not wear heavy jewelry in routine as it is neither easy to handle nor looks good at home. Wearing heaving jewelry all the time will not change the looks of newly married girl on functions and has to sacrifice the comfort also.

For example, beautify the neck with Mangal Sutra in routine and Rani Haar on function and occasion to add the glow and glimmer.

Carefully choose earrings – Earring are the most impactful jewelry of newly married girl as it complements your face, hair and neck. Many of us may not be knowing that earring is most noticeable jewelry of every girl.

For example, do not wear the same earring daily with all the dress.

Wear only if require- Do not wear jewelry, get adorned with jewelry. Jewelry should compliment your dressing and looks.

For example, wearing of necklace is worthless with collared dress.

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