Jewellery Styles to Queen Basics in Historical India

Jewellery Styles to Queen Basics in Historical India

Jewelry can never be enough for any woman. No woman since the ancient times can resist the temptation of being adorned with beautiful jewelry. Indian queens and princess were very much fond of wearing exotic and luring jewelry. Indian kingdoms had a history of owning the treasures of jewelry along with gems, jewels and metals. More to that, kings used to have goldsmith for making only explicit royal jewelry and they were not allowed to work for general public of their kingdom. Famous ‘Naulakha Haar’ of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh was made of pearls, diamonds and emeralds; prestigious ‘Patiala necklace worn by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh; astonishing ‘Baroda diamond necklace worn by Maharani Sita Devi are the evidence of glorified ancient history of Indian kingdoms and their precious treasures.

The famous Columbus who discovered America started his journey in the search of India due to its richness in gold and jewels. Surprising to many that until the time of his death he was not aware of the fact that he was in America not in India. Indian jewelry is always been the attraction for whole world since the ancient times due to its traditional and contemporary style of artisanship. Beauty of Indian jewelry lies in the intricacy and aesthetic sense of designing. Indian jewelry is very fascinating and pleasing due to its unique and luring designs. Wide range of styles and designs are prevailing since the ancient times. For Example Kundan, Jadau, Meenakari, Polki, Navratna, Pachchikam and many more traditional styles which are more varying across different states according to the regional impact.

Hair jewelry is one of most astonishing jewelry worn by Indian Brides. No hairstyle can ever deny the need of the Maang Tikka and Rani Haar. Maang Tikka due to its royal and traditional appeal is getting hot trending theses day. This piece of jewelry is having ritual and traditional importance for every married woman. It symbolizes the union of male and female. Moreover, explicitly considered as the required piece of jewelry to be worn by every Indian bride. Now the days, Maang Tikas are worn by even girls on the festive and wedding occasion to add the regality to their styles. Along with the center head jewelry, side head jewelry known as Passa or Jhumar is also getting popular due to its alluring designs. Jhumar or Passa is actually the wedding jewelry of Muslim Bride and also known as Jhumar Tikka.

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