Few Jewellery Care Tips To Retain Its Quality and Shine For Longer

Few Jewellery Care Tips To Retain Its Quality and Shine For Longer

Jewelry is a passion of every woman. Along with the love for the alluring jewelry, one also needs to take care of jewelry. Regular care is required to maintain the glimmer and glitz of beautiful jewelry. Care is as important as the piece of jewelry itself. Most beautiful and exotic pieces of jewelry can lose its charm and shine if not handled with care and attention. Feel the responsibility towards the accessory, which makes us look beautiful and stunning with its charismatic appeal.

In this article, we are sharing the most useful yet simple jewelry storing and caring tips which will help us in retaining the shine and glow of jewelry.

Avoid prolonged exposure to Light and Heat

Prolonged heat and light can result into the fading of the colors of gems and stones. Heat affects negatively on the imitations. Intense light and heat can bring cracks to the stones and crystals.

Avoid the spray of chemicals

Chemicals of perfumes, hair prays and make up intact sprays are very harmful for the imitation and it can fade the original shade and glimmer of the jewelry. Never spray on the jewelry. Use hair sprays and deo before wearing the jewelry.

Do not wear while swimming and bathing

Do not jump into the swimming pool with jewelry on your body, as chorine water is not good for the jewelry. It will have shading out impacts on the polish of the jewelry.  And taking shower is also not advisable as it can also spoil the jewelry.

Use Simple polishing cloth

Use simple polishing cloth for cleaning the jewelry rather than cleaning it with creams and vacuum brushes. Polishing cloth is very easily available in the market and it is the same clothe with which we clean our spectacles.

Store well

Store the jewelry carefully and very well wrapped in cotton or in soft jewelry wrapping clothe to avoid the scratches. Keep all the jewelry sets separately in the different boxes to avoid mingling and breakage.

Keep checking

Always keep on checking the jewelry we store. Do not forget the jewelry that is once kept and take out only on the occasion.

Above-mentioned tips are very easy to follow and will not have any impact on the pocket. These steps will help in retaining the new look of your old imitations. Charismatic appeal of jewelry will be more luring only if shade and color will not fade with the time. 

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