Different Traditional Indian Jewellery For Brides

Different Traditional Indian Jewellery For Brides

Jewelry is one of the oldest form and traditional decoration. An art of making jewelry is as oldest as the civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Jewelry designing is an art of transforming the pieces of metals, stones, beads, pearls and crystals into the beautiful piece of jewelry through the great work of artisans.

Different Traditional Indian Jewellery For Brides 

This art has changed its forms over the centuries from the handmade simple jewelry to highly designed professional pieces. Jewelries are the exotic pieces of an art, which are exchanged as complements, gifts, token of remembrance for love and respect since ages among the all class of society as per their worth.

                                                  Jewelry is the timeless piece of an art

In India, there is a tradition of passing the legacy from one generation to another generation in the form of values, money and family jewelry. Our mothers and grandmothers hand over the jewelries to their daughter and daughter in laws as the token of their love and remembrance on the special occasions of festivals and ceremonies.

Maang Tikka, Rani Haar, Gold Choker Necklace Set and Passa are the traditional pieces of jewelries used since ages not only as the accessories for head but for its religious and cultural importance. Indian Bride is beautiful illustration of the family and cultural legacy. Maang Tikka and Passa Jewellery is the manifestation of Hindu and Muslim cultures amalgamated into Indian Culture. Wedding in India is the grand affair and so as the costume and jewelry of an Indian bride. The style, make and look of jewelry are minutely observed by bride her family along the wedding dress for the auspicious ceremony of marriage. Beautiful beads, pearls, stones and crystals are studded with precision by artisans to make the jewelry an exotic piece of an art. Vijay and Sons is the oldest and acclaimed name in the business of imitations for its high-end jewelry designs and reasonable rates.

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