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A piece of Jadau Jewellery – Best Accessory for Every Occasion

Jadau Jewellery– Pleasingly Exotic

Credit for the glory of Jadau Jewellery goes to the exquisite and intricate craftsmanship. This kind of jewellery was introduced in India by the Mughals but now has become one of richest heritage of India. Jadau Jewellery has been mainly nurtured in Western states of India that are Rajasthan and Gujarat. Jadau jewellery is in vogue due to its exotic and intricate designs and is rocking the shows and streets of fashion.

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Origin of Jadau Jewellery– Interesting and Glorifying

Jadau jewellery making is one of the oldest forms of jewellery making in India. Presently Jadau jewellery making is practiced various cities and states of India but previously Bikaner used to e the only hub for it. But still, Bikaner has an edge over other location due to its special ability to do Jadau work on pure gold that is 24-carat gold. Jadau jewellery was very popular with Mughals and they used to have a team of ‘Shahi Sunars’ for making jewellery for royal families; they were not allowed for making such designs for the public. An art of Jadau jewellery making was introduced by Mughals in India but nurtured in the responsible and skilled hands of Indian craftsmen.

Present Scenario of Jadau Jewellery– Rising and Trending

Now Jadau jewellery is most loved and apprised jewellery due to its pleasing designs and regal appearance. Jadau jewellery is rocking all the streets of fashion and Bollywood. Jadau and Kundan styled jewellery are the most trending traditional styles of jewellery due to its amazing exoticism and appeal. And the demands in the local and international market are increasing day by day. This is an example of exclusive craftsmanship having an impression of the rich cultural heritage of India. Traditional Indian jewellery is acclaimed in the whole world due to its impressive intricacy and elaboration in designs.

Online Jadau Jewellery at Vijay and Sons – Serving with Distinction

A great range of Jadau Jewellery is available at the online store of Vijay and Sons. Vijay and Sons is the best option for all the online shoppers due to its quality and range. The best feature of the artificial jewellery available on Vijay and Sons is its gold like the feel and finish and skin friendly metal that is copper. Moreover, the Vijay and Sons jewellery get a finishing touch by the skilled hands of craftsmen working on precious metals and stones.Copper-based artificial jewellery has many advantages over lead-based jewellery, like skin friendliness, more durable, gold like finish etc. Online shopping is much more convenient and easy due to the flexibility of time and great range availability. Now, shop for your beloved for all the occasion without any hassle and share the beautiful expressions of your loved ones with us. So please mother and daughter or the woman of every age by gifting an exotic piece of jewellery and bring back the charm.

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